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The following 3D models were created by Fresh Prints 3D and released under Creative Commons: Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike License.

You are free to download, modify, and print the models yourself; so long as you give due credit and are not using our models for commercial gain. Any derivatives of our models should be released to the public under the same terms.


3D printed paintball scope

1x Quick Scope

For easy target acquisition

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3D printed Tipx Magwell for 98 Custom.

98 Custom Magwell

Horizontal feed for TipX mags.

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3D printed 45° paintball panel grips.

45° Panel Grips

Blank panel grips in any color.

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3D printed muzzle brake for paintball guns.

Wasteland Muzzle

For .68 cal paintball guns.

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Barrel Shroud with Rail Mount

Barrel Shroud

With top and bottom rail mounts.

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Flashlight Mount

Flashlight Mount

For mask and goggle straps.

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3D Printed Muzzle Brake

.50 Cal Muzzle Brake

For .68 cal paintball guns.

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Coming soon.

Picatinny Rail

5" long with mounting holes.

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Tippmann 98 Custom carry handle

Carry Handle

Grab it and go.

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Sexy Spy Panel Grips

Sexy Spy Grips

Hold on to those you love.

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Space Age Panel Grips

Space Age Grips

Shoot for the stars.

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Zombie Apocalypse Panel Grips

Zombie Grips

Fend off the dead.

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